Impressive sight in "I. Kapodistrias" - At the most incredible airports in the world
AIRLINES | 19.09.2017

Ioannis Kapodistrias Airport in Corfu island in Greece is one of the most spectacular aircraft sightings in the world due to its special features. For [...]

TripAdvisor: Top 10 Museums in Greece for 2017
CULTURE | 19.09.2017

The 10 best Greek museums for 2017, according to Travelers' Choice Awards on leading travel platform TripAdvisor, based on reviews from its users all over [...]

Turnover of the tourism related house rental in Greece estimated at € 1.7 billion in 2017
VILLA RENTALS | 19.09.2017

Greek tourism: 1,7 billion euros turnover in the tourist rental of houses - Soon the JMC for the implementation of the law Turnover of the [...]

TripAdvisor: Athens Acropolis Museum among top-8 in the world for 2017
CULTURE | 19.09.2017

The Athens Acropolis Museum among advanced one spot during the past year in TripAdvisor's ranking of the best museums in the world for 2017. The [...]

20-year extension of Athens airport concession to net €600 million for privatization program
AIRLINES | 19.09.2017

A mostly expected approval by the Court of Audit, which reviews major state contracts, of a proposed 20-year extension of the current concession for [...]

Greek-Chinese Joint Interministerial Committee meeting starts on Wednesday
MARKETS | 19.09.2017

The 12th meeting of the Greek-Chinese Joint Interministerial Committee chaired by Alternate Foreign Minister George Katrougalos and Deputy Commerce Minister of China Gao Yan [...]

Greek island of Andros in Cyclades opens up to new tourism markets
TRENDS | 19.09.2017

The Greek island of Andros in its effort to open up to international markets is hosting a number of foreign correspondents. The aim is to [...]

Daily Mail: British tourist wins €34,000 in damages from Greek hotel in Santorini
SOCIETY | 19.09.2017

A grandmother who was accused of being ‘staggeringly drunk’ when she fell down a flight of stairs at a Greek hotel has won a [...]

Rotterdam experts: Alimos Beach in Athens ready for use in four days (video)
SOCIETY | 19.09.2017

A specialist crew sent by Rotterdam Port to Greece to help clean up pollution from the Salamina island oil spill on Tuesday presented encouraging [...]

GBR Consulting: Rise in occupancy of 5-star hotels in Athens but not in prices
HOTELS | 19.09.2017

Even though hotels in Greece worked with over 90% of their capacity this summer, their room rates did not rise respectively, according to the [...]

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