EU to include Turkey on blacklist of tax havens as early as next month
MARKETS | 23.11.2017

The European Union may include Turkey on a blacklist of tax havens as soon as next month, in a move that could further strain [...]

Greece and Albania launch joint action to deal with drugs and cross-border crime
POLITICS | 23.11.2017

Hellenic Police chief Constantinos Tsouvalas and the General Director of the Albanian State Police Haki Cako, during a meeting on Thursday, decided on a [...]

Erdogan’s upcoming visit to Greece first by Turkish president in 65 years
POLITICS | 23.11.2017

ANKARA – The coming visit to Athens by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will be the first by a Turkish Head of State since [...]

EU Commissioner Avramopoulos: Schengen’s integrity is crucial
POLITICS | 23.11.2017

The European Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship, Dimitris Avramopoulos, was present in the Celebration of the entry into force of the European [...]

Report: Immigrants harass Greek woman and beat her brothers in Argos city
SOCIETY | 23.11.2017

A family and residents in the area of the Workers' Blocks in the Greek city of Argos experienced an incredible and bloody incident, according [...]

Travel report on the lakes, ski resorts and bears of Metsovo in Epirus, Greece

Metsovo is a renowned mountainside town straddling the Pindus mountain range where Epirus converges with western Macedonia and Thessaly, according to the following report [...]

19th Annual Capital Link Invest in Greece Forum on December 11 in New York
NEW INVESTMENTS | 23.11.2017

The 19th Annual Capital Link Invest in Greece Forum will take place at the Metropolitan Club in New York City on Monday, December 11, [...]

Annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai, China on November 28
LUXURY | 23.11.2017

The annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show will be taking place in Shanghai, China, Monday evening, and broadcast on November 28, according to the following [...]

Greek business chambers label 2018 government's budget "over-optimistic"
ECONOMY | 23.11.2017

Greece's chamber community on Wednesday commented the 2018 state budget was over-optimistic, but noted that if budget goals were to be achieved the country [...]

European Union auditors launch full probe into ECB’s role in Greek bailouts
ECONOMY | 23.11.2017

The European Court of Auditors (ECA) insists it had the right to look into the role of the European Central Bank in Greek bailouts, [...]

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