Μinoan Lines repays syndicated bond loan worth €139.3 million euros
FERRIES | 20.09.2018

Net after-tax profits for Minoan Lines reached 1.9 million euros in the first half of 2018, while the coastal shipper's turnover neared 40 million [...]

Visit Greece: Chios, a mastic-scented island with fascinating history
TRENDS | 20.09.2018

Much as Chios is famous for its mastic, it is not the only “magic” one can find on this island. Alongside its rich history [...]

Survey: Athens is an established holiday destination - the profile of its tourists
GREEK NEWS | 20.09.2018

Athens is greatly appreciated as a holiday destination for its visitors, with "great archaeological and cultural interest" as its strongest asset, according to a [...]

Travel report: Exploring Chania, Greece’s leading summer destination in Crete
TRENDS | 20.09.2018

Chania is by far one of the most wonderful cities in Greece and given its astonishing history, spectacular old town, stunning Venetian harbour, and [...]

Moralis retrospective exhibition at Benaki Museum of Athens
EVENTS | 20.09.2018

The major retrospective exhibition on the work of 1930s Greek painter Yiannis Moralis at the Benaki Museum has been elected as the cover story [...]

Cuba welcomes Greek Cinema Festival after 4 years
EVENTS | 20.09.2018

A Greek cinema festival is to be held in Havana, and is being organized by Greece’s Ambassador to Cuba Stella Bezirtzoglou, according to Prensa [...] application online booking website and android app launched
TRAVEL TECH | 20.09.2018 launched an online booking website and android app for more than 500 hotels around Iran with B2B rate for our travel agency partners. The [...]

Final pilot of SENSKIN infrastructure sensor on Egnatia Motorway bridge this Friday
TRANSPORT | 20.09.2018

The final pilot of the EU-funded infrastructure monitoring and maintenance sensor system SENSKIN - financed by the EU's Horizon 2020 programme - is to [...]

Survey: 45% of young Greek migrants living abroad want to return back home
SOCIETY | 20.09.2018

A new survey from KAPPA Research in Athens involving 3,000 young Greeks who are living in Greece (2,007 people) and in 34 countries abroad [...]

Trivago business report: The top Hotel amenities to attract every type of traveler
HOTELS | 19.09.2018

What are the best hotel amenities to offer your guests? The answer will depend entirely on who your guests are, notes in its [...]

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