Olympic Brewery continues investment program in Greece
ECONOMY | 19.10.2017

Olympic Brewery SA, a member of Carlsberg Group, is continuing to implement its investment programme despite the fact that the Greek beer market is [...]

Ancient Greek grains pave way for nutritious and healthy modern lifestyle
GASTRONOMY | 19.10.2017

Thousands of years ago, around the Mediterranean basin, but especially in Greece, a durable and resistant grain was cultivated for its unique nutritional qualities [...]

Mediterranean Resort & Hotel Real Estate Forum 2018 to be hosted by Athens
REAL ESTATE | 19.10.2017

Athens is set to host the Mediterranean Resort & Hotel Real Estate Forum in October 2018, after the success of efforts by Enterprise Greece [...]

Visit Greece: The small gems of Argosaronic Gulf islands
TRENDS | 19.10.2017

Aigina, Agkistri, Spetses, Hydra, Poros, Salamina and the peninsula of Methana form the island complex of the Argosaronic Gulf in southern Greece. Sprinkled over [...]

Santorini island excavation unearths Bronze Age settlement
CULTURE | 19.10.2017

Excavation work that was carried out at the Dormition site at the southeastern end of the island of Therasia, an islet of the Santorini [...]

HELINA: 'Guardian' article on Epidaurus failed to cross-check the science
CULTURE | 19.10.2017

An article appearing in the "The Guardian" that debunked the legendary acoustics of the ancient theatre in Epidaurus as "Greek myth" had failed to [...]

Hellenic American Union's conference on 'The Quest for Reforms' in Greece
EVENTS | 19.10.2017

More than 40 eminent speakers will discuss with each other and with the public the issue of reforms, in a conference organized by the [...]

Survey: 4 out of 10 Greeks spend 40% of income on housing
REAL ESTATE | 19.10.2017

According to Housing Europe’s latest data, the European Federation for Public Cooperative and Social Housing, Greece has the highest housing costs as a percentage [...]

ELSTAT: 1.4% rise in Greek merchant fleet for August
NEW INVESTMENTS | 19.10.2017

The Greek merchant fleet grew by 1.4% in August 2017, compared with August 2016, the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) announced on Wednesday, while there [...]

Greek language taught in Australian preschools
CULTURE | 19.10.2017

Modern Greek will be one of 13 languages other than English to be taught to preschoolers across Australia this academic year through ELLA, an [...]

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