Swearing-in Hippocrates' Oath of Greece's honor medical students in Kos

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Swearing-in Hippocrates' Oath of Greece's honor medical students in KosGeorge Patoulis: "The International Hippocrates Foundation deserves to be highlighted as the Crossroads of Medical Excellence of the World"

The Hippocratic Oath swearing-in ceremony of the honor medical students of the Greek Universities attended the Regional Governor of Attica, President of the Global Greek Doctors’ Institute and President of the Athens Medical Association, G.Patoulis. The event was organized by the International Hippocratic Foundation of Kos and the Municipality of Kos.

Mr. Patoulis praised the importance of the Foundation's role in Greece’s Health Tourism promotion and characterized the International Hippocratic Foundation a valuable cell of our historical heritage, for which, he said, he would provide his undisputed support .”The Hippocratic Foundation”, Mr. Papoulis said, “deserves to shine to the world and  meet the international community's expectations.” 

Ιn the presence of the authorities of the Dodecanese and Kos, Rectors and Deans of the Medical Schools of the Greek University, Presidents of Medical Schools and Medical Associations, and scientific experts, the Attica Regional Governor and President of the Global Greek Doctors Institute congratulated the  honor students of the 7 Medical Schools of the Universities of Greece, as well as the Board members of the International Hippocrates Foundation, and stressed that the transfer of the Hippocratic Medicine principles is a key objective in promoting the country’s Health Tourism, as also is the dissemination of the ancient medical knowledge of Greece to today's and tomorrow's doctors of the international community, to medical associations around the world and to health tourism travelers.

"We are escalating efforts so that the Hippocratic Oath ceremony at the Asclepius of Kos becomes a global annual event. The honor medical students that arrive here for their swearing-in the most classical  Oath of Medicine, Hippocrates Oath,  should be expanded to those of the largest foreign universities. The swearing-in to Hippocrates’ Oath of the world's excellent doctors in the birthplace of Medicine is the least respect that the great Father of Medicine deserves, in reference to his teachings about refining medical knowledge and practice.»

The Regional Governor of Attica, President of the Global Greek Doctors   Institute, President of the Athens Medical Association, President of ELITOUR and President of the International Health Tourism Center G.Patoulis expressed also his intention to support from any of his positions the initiatives for the restart of the Olympiads and the Amphictyonies of Societies of History of Medicine and Ethics in Medicine, and for the establishment of the Hippocrates Awards, "features worth gaining international credibility and influence", he said.

"Such initiatives contribute to the national perspective of transforming Greece into a Medical Center of Excellence," Mr. Patoulis emphasized, thanking the President of the Foundation Mr. Telis Pavlidis and the Board members for their valuable work, and stressing that the International Hippocratic Foundation of Kos, "is worthy of being recognized as a global crossroads: Crossroads of Knowledge, Medicine, and Culture, Crossroads of Excellence of the best doctors and students of the international community. "

Attica Regional Governor and President of the Athens Medical Association also stated his commitment to support the establishment of the Hippocrates Thinking Day, an Awareness Day dedicated to Hippocrates, that would provide speeches and special events in hospitals and schools.

Mr. Patoulis also underlined his warm interest in the creation of a Center for the Promotion and Exploitation of the Findings of Greek Medical History in Attica, "a capital project", as he said, "that will utilize the scientific heritage of our ancestors, and is worth to be acquired by a Health and Wellness Metropolis of the world, as we have promised to transform our Attica.»

Attica Regional Governor and President of the World Institute of Greek Physicians thanked and congratulated the Deputy President of the Foundation, Professor of History of Medicine Stefanos Geroulanos, "who zealously researches, collects, composes and envisions the glorious position  that our Medical Knowledge and Cultural Heritage deserves worldwide." 

The event was co-organized by the International Hippocratic Foundation of Kos, the Municipality of Kos, the Global Institute of Greek Doctors, the Kos Medical Association, the South Aegean Region and the Ephorate of Antiquities.

The ceremony was attended by the Mayor of Kos Theodosis Nikitaras, the Kos - Nissyros District Governor Ioannis Kampanis, the Spokesman of the Rector of the Medical University of Crete, Professor of Surgery Odysseus  Zoras, the Vice President of Medical School of the National Kappodistrian University of Greece, professor of Cardiology Jeronymo Siasos , the Head of the Ephorate of Antiquities of the Dodecanese Dr. Maria Michailidou, Board Members of the International Hippocrates Foundation Nikolaos Manoussis, Vice President, Nikolaos Papantoniou Secretary, Philip M. Kaloudis, Treasurer, Maria Fratzi, Deputy Treasurer and cardio surgeon  Sotirios Prapas, member of Board.

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