Report: 10 important things that Canada and Greece have in common

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Report: 10 important things that Canada and Greece have in commonGreece is one of the top destinations in the world for Canadian tourists

Differences between countries are always the easiest things to point out, yet there are also similarities between two countries unlikely to be compared, such as Canada and Greece. The Canadian edition of points out there are more commonalities between Canada and Greece than one might first imagine and lists 10 of them:

  • 1. Let’s begin with the small things. Language. Yes, that’s right. We are talking words here, and, although there are immeasurable differences between Greek and English (or French, for that matter), there are two words that these countries have in common and use frequently: “sorry,” used the same way in each country); and “eh,” used in both countries to encourage discussion.
  • 2. Both countries also have very extensive coastlines, and if one ignores the difference in temperature, they actually look pretty similar.
  • 3. Canada and Greece are both members of NATO.
  • 4. A job crisis is another factor these two countries share. Skilled immigrants in Canada tend to struggle to find decent employment. There is also a well-defined line in Greece when it comes to immigrants finding employment. In Greece, the language barrier seems to be the main obstacle, while in Canada, the main issue is the previous work experience in Canada which many employers require.
  • 5. Food is another thing the two countries have in common. Let’s face it, Canada has great food (not just because they have a lot of Greeks, but that helps!). Historically, Greek people who have emigrated to Canada have tended to open up restaurants showcasing their national cuisine. Toronto’s Greek Town is well-known for having one of the most successful and largest Greek fests in the world!
  • 6. Valuing liberty and democracy. These two concepts go hand-in-hand, and just as Greece is the cradle of democracy, Canadians truly value their quality of life and justice. Valuing the civil rights of equality, fairness to all, safety and health for their families is very important to both Greeks and Canadians.
  • 7. According to the “Ranking World Military Strength” report by Global Firepower, both countries have about the same modern military abilities. This takes into consideration their potential war-making capabilities across land, sea and air, fought with conventional weapons.
  • 8. One commonality we hope you never have to worry about is the equal likelihood of being murdered in either country. According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, 1.4 in every 100,000 people are murdered annually both Greece and Canada.
  • 9. Greece is a Christian country and the principal religion in Canada is also Christianity. As recently as the 1971 census, almost 90 percent of the Canadian population was Christian.
  • 10. One other thing that these two countries have in common is Greeks! There are more Greek-Canadians than you might realize living in Canada, the majority of them residing in Toronto and Montreal. According to the 2016 census, there were 271,405 Canadians who were Greek by ancestry as well as 62,715 native-born Greeks living in the country.  According to “Greeks around the Globe”, the Greek-Canadian population now totals some 450,000 people.


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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons Copyright: Remug  License: CC-BY-SA 

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    Christmas celebrations at the National Observatory of Athens

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    Anti-fascist film festival commences at Studio cinema in Athens today

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    Greek trade deficit declines in October as exports continue to grow

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    Greek architects present "smart" hotel room at 5th Athens International Tourism Expo

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    Magical night of Broadway classics at the SNFCC in Athens

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    Greek President inaugurates Athena Center for Science and Technology

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    Infrastructure investment: ERGOSE's new-generation railway projects in Greece

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    Winter tourism: Arachova, Greece’s top skiing destination

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    Welt: One in every two new LNG ship orders by Greek companies

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    Last Greeks of Alexandria strive to keep their historic community alive

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    Unique experiences at Athens Museum of Illusions on central Ermou Street

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    2018 Global Migration Film Festival in Cyprus honouring migrants

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    Greek island of Kea pays tribute to American archaeologist Miriam Caskey

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    Cosco eyes separating draft master plan for Piraeus port to speed up process

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    Nicosia advises Cyprus citizens on 'yellow vests' riots across France

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    'Right-of-use' extending into decades for illegally built structures in Greek forests

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    EBRD: TAP pipeline a great opportunity to give up use of coal in Greece

  18. 09/12 12:36

    New York City taxi board sets minimum pay for app-based drivers

  19. 09/12 12:36

    Greek top-500 companies generated impressive profits in 2017

  20. 09/12 10:10

    Greek doctors and hospital staff on work stoppage between 11:00-15:00 on Monday

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    Island of Corfu to host International Open Chess Festival at Easter

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    Holiday season festivities guide: Celebrating Christmas in Athens

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    Foreign Minister Lavrov: New starting point in Greek-Russian relations

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    Three Greek hotels voted best in the world at Small Luxury Hotels (SLH) competition

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    Draft law on thematic tourism approved in Greek parliament

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    President Putin: Record one million Russian tourists to visit Greece in 2019 (video)

  28. 08/12 11:56

    Ryanair launches new Thessaloniki – Krakow route in summer 2019

  29. 08/12 11:02

    Alitalia accepts purchase offer from Italian State Railways (FS)

  30. 08/12 10:54

    Bronze age finds from excavations at Agios Sozomenos- Ampelia and Nikolides sites

  31. 07/12 18:04

    Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit Cyprus to spread Christmas spirit

  32. 07/12 17:57

    Construction works for Kasteli Airport in Crete to commence in January 2019

  33. 07/12 17:50

    First e-charging of commercial vessel at Greek port of Kyllini this month

  34. 07/12 17:45

    Commercial property prices grow by 3.5% in Greece during H1 of 2018

  35. 07/12 17:13

    Media report: Thousands of Turks flee Erdogan’s purge by seeking asylum in Greece

  36. 07/12 16:24

    Large-scale infrastructure projects to be delivered across Greece by 2021

  37. 07/12 15:20

    Trolleys to hold 3-hour work stoppage in Athens on December 12

  38. 07/12 14:00

    Unemployment in Greece drops further to 18.6% in September year on year

  39. 07/12 12:53

    Greek PM promises to upgrade infrastructure in islands

  40. 07/12 10:45

    OTE presents Greece's first pilot 5G network in Athens suburb of Zografou

  41. 06/12 22:35

    Welcome the New Year in Athens at SNFCC’s First Run 2019

  42. 06/12 22:31

    City of Athens turns into Christmas city of angels during holiday season

  43. 06/12 22:20

    Getty Museum vows to assert its right to keep prized Greek statue

  44. 06/12 22:07

    Greece unveils new draft law on attracting strategic investments

  45. 06/12 21:16

    Greece sets terms and conditions for casino licensing and operations

  46. 06/12 21:08

    Aegean Airways signs preliminary deal to purchase Pratt & Whitney engines

  47. 06/12 21:01

    Greek Minister: PM's meetings will confirm Greece's good relations with Russia

  48. 06/12 20:24

    Daily Mail: Danish family books Airbnb house which turns out to be a brothel

  49. 06/12 19:43

    Greek PM to meet with Putin and Medvedev at visit in Moscow on Friday

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    Outdoor activities tourism: Greece voted 3rd destination in the world for summer 2018

  51. 06/12 19:27

    10th Honey and Bee Products festival opens in Athens on Friday

  52. 06/12 18:01

    Research Institute: Supermarket prices significantly lower in Greece

  53. 06/12 17:59

    Union of Greek Shipowners announces joining Arctic Economic Council (AEC)

  54. 06/12 17:41

    South Australia to celebrate all things Greek at Semaphore Beach in Adelaide

  55. 06/12 17:24

    Infographic: Global 5G smartphone adoption to take off in 2021

  56. 06/12 17:14

    Panepistimio metro station in central Athens closes again due to rallies

  57. 06/12 16:15

    Reuters report: EBRD approves extension of mandate in Greece until 2025

  58. 06/12 14:06

    AHFWPA marks 125 years of Greek presence in Pittsburgh

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    Ambassador Pyatt: US capital market will support Greek enterprises

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    Diaspora report: 15 things all Greek-Americans experience growing up

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    City Breaks: Three Greek entries among World’s Top City Destinations in 2018

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    Itinerary fixed for Greek PM's visit to Moscow on Friday

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    Jurij Subic exhibition opens on Wednesday in Athens

  64. 05/12 21:50

    Marine tourism professionals in Greece await governmental decision on VAT imposition

  65. 05/12 21:42

    Extension of Antikythera Shipwreck exhibition at the Forbidden City approved

  66. 05/12 20:41

    SETE workshop to boost wine tourism across Greece

  67. 05/12 20:36

    Tourist arrivals and departures show increase in Cyprus during October

  68. 05/12 20:30

    Elgin’s descendant claims Athens Acropolis Marbles were a gift

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    Athens' top-5 museums with nice cafes

  70. 05/12 18:55

    Greece to suspend implementation of 15% capital tax on property transactions

  71. 05/12 18:26

    Island of Corfu clinches best European Film Location Award for 2018

  72. 05/12 16:20

    Greek passport among the ten most powerful in the planet

  73. 05/12 16:13

    Bureau Veritas' 29th marine technical committee meeting in Greek port of Piraeus

  74. 05/12 14:01

    UNWTO/UNESCO: Cultural tourism supports communities and living heritage

  75. 05/12 12:50

    IATA: Air freight records modest growth in October by 3.1%

  76. 05/12 10:32

    Greek youngster creates new world with “Playmogreek” dolls

  77. 04/12 20:39

    City Break report: Pangrati, a hip neighbourhood in Athens is born

  78. 04/12 20:36

    Hellenistic and Byzantine Jewelry at New York Met Museum exhibition

  79. 04/12 20:26

    Cretan olive oil fetches price of €1,020 per liter at Dutch auction

  80. 04/12 20:21

    Eurozone to pressure Greece over 'bad debt' and main residences protection

  81. 04/12 20:10

    Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre celebrates Christmas in Athens

  82. 04/12 19:41

    Greek PM inaugurated the Naval Academy on the island of Kalymnos

  83. 04/12 19:05

    American Hellenic Chamber of Commerce conference focuses on future of Greece

  84. 04/12 17:58

    Space Travel: NASA makes its entire media library publicly accessible

  85. 04/12 14:55

    Moody’s rates Bank of Greece plan on red loans as credit positive

  86. 04/12 12:44

    Greek economy grew by 2.2% during Q3 2018 year-on-year

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    Religious Tourism: Greek craftsmen reconstructing Orthodox Church in Florida

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    The top traditional Greek pastries and breads for Christmas (videos)

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    ACES-Athens: 6th Airport Chief Executives’ Symposium held in AIA

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    Grecka Panorama and Greek Food Show attract large number of Poles

  91. 04/12 00:49

    20th Capital Link Forum to take place in New York next week

  92. 04/12 00:41

    Hellenic Film Society presents screening of Kazantzakis movie on December 9

  93. 04/12 00:17

    Greek tourism sweeps up multiple awards at World Travel Awards 2018

  94. 03/12 21:33

    An evening with Dr Jane Goodall in Thessaloniki, Athens and Crete (video)

  95. 03/12 21:03

    Athens Parthenon Marbles' return finds leverage on the international scene

  96. 03/12 20:56

    Lenders push for primary residence protection limit at 100K euros in Greece

  97. 03/12 20:51

    President: Cyprus’ comparative advantages for investment have increased

  98. 03/12 19:48

    Greek President marks International Day for Persons with Disabilities

  99. 03/12 19:30

    Tourist arrivals and departures in Cyprus show increase in October

  100. 03/12 18:03

    Confusion in Greece over ENFIA tax reduction for properties above €60,000