Greek hotels sweep 117 distinctions in TUI Awards for 2018 - the full list of winners

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Greek hotels sweep 117 distinctions in TUI Awards for 2018 - the full list of winnersGrecotel Caramel Boutique Resort

Greek hotels won 117 distinctions for 2018 in the four categories awarded annually by TUI in recognition of the best hospitality services in family travel, friendly practices in the environment and quality services.

The awards are given to hotels that, along with other quality criteria, have the highest scores in reviews from their visitors.

In addition to the quality prizes, 8 Greek hotels managed to enter the "pantheon" of the TUI hotels in 2018, TUI HOLLY.

All Greek hotels awarded by category are as follow:

TUI Environmental Champion 2018

Every year since 1996, TUI has been singling out hotels that work particularly hard to protect the environment and exercise their social responsibility. TUI’s purpose with this label is to enhance hoteliers’ awareness and commitment around sustainability. To participate, hotels must hold a valid Sustainability Certificate recognised by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). The assessment additionally takes account of what guests say about the hotel’s environmental performance. The TUI Environmental Holly is awarded to the TUI Environmental Champion with the highest score. Already visible to holidaymakers when reading the catalogue, this distinction flags up the environmental and social commitment displayed by hotels.

Grecotel Pella Beach 
Grecotel Corfu Imperial 
Grecotel Eva Palace 
TUI SENSIMAR Grand Mediterraneo Resort & Spa by Atlantica
best FAMILY Grecotel Royal Park 
Grecotel Kos Imperial
Hotel Caravia Beach 
Neptune Hotels Resort, Convention Centre & Spa 
ROBINSON Club Daidalos 
TUI SENSIMAR Oceanis Beach & Spa Resort
TUI SENSIMAR Palazzo del Mare 
Agapi Beach Resort 
best FAMILY Aquila Rithymna Beach 
Cactus Royal Spa & Resort 
Creta Maris Beach Resort 
Grecotel Amirandes 
Grecotel Caramel Boutique Resort 
Grecotel Creta Palace 
Grecotel White Palace 
Hotel Apollonia Beach Resort & Spa
Hotel Cretan Malia Park 
TUI MAGIC LIFE Candia Maris 
TUI SENSIMAR Elounda Village Resort & Spa
TUI SENSIMAR Kalliston Resort & Spa by Atlantica 
TUI SENSIMAR Minos Palace 
Grecotel Olympia Oasis Village & Aqua Park
Grecotel Olympia Riviera & Aqua Park 
ROBINSON Club Kyllini Beach 
best FAMILY Alex Beach 
Hotel Apollo Blue Palace 
TUI SENSIMAR Imperial by Atlantica 


TUI Top Quality is the prestigious award for TUI’s best hotels – the darlings of guests. All hotels with this accolade earned the highest ratings in our guest survey and scored at least 8.7 out of 10 possible points. The TUI Top Quality signet highlights the most popular holiday hotels. 


  • At least 30 assessments from the TUI guest survey within twelve months
  • In response to the question ”How do you rate your hotel/accommodation overall?“ in the TUI guest survey youscore at least 8.7 out of 10 possible points
  • Performing and passing the TUI Safety Check
  • Signing TUI Deutschland’s Pool Safety Declaration

With the prestigious TUI Top Quality award, which we launched in 2015, we give our hoteliers the opportunity ofpromoting their hotels by highlighting their outstanding efforts to our mutual guests and providing our customerswith objective orientation when choosing their next holiday hotel.

 Alexander Beach Hotel Village 
 Anemos Luxury Grand Resort 
 Anthemus Sea und Beach Hotel Spa 
 Astir Odysseus 
 Cactus Royal 
 Candia Park Village 
 Creta Maris Beach Resort
 Esperos Mare 
 Esperos Palace 
 Esperos Village Blue 
 Grecotel Amirandes 
 Grecotel Caramel Boutique Resort
 Grecotel Corfu Imperia
 Grecotel Eva Palace
 Hotel Anissa Beach Village 
 Hotel Apollo Blue Palace 
 Hotel Caravia Beach
 Hotel Cretan Malia Park
 Hotel Horizon Beach Resort 
 Hotel Istion Club
 Hotel Kos Palace 
 Hotel Kriti Beach
 Hotel La Marquise 
 Hotel Mastichari Bay
 Hotel Mirabell 
 Hotel Palladium
 Hotel Pilot Beach Resort
 Hotel Rhodos Horizon Resort 
 Hotel Rhodos Palladium
 Ikaros Beach Resort Spa 
 INSULA ALBA Resort Spa
 Kalithea Horizon Royal
 Mitsis Alila Exclusive Resort and Spa 
 Mitsis Norida Beach
 Neptune Hotels Resort, Convention Centre Spa
 Princess Andriana Resort Spa 
 St. George's Bay Country Club 
 TUI FAMILY LIFE Aegean Blue by Atlantica 
 TUI FAMILY LIFE Blue Lagoon Village Deluxe 
 TUI MAGIC LIFE Candia Maris 
 TUI MAGIC LIFE Marmari Palace 
 TUI SENSIMAR Grand Mediterraneo Resort Spa 
 TUI SENSIMAR Imperial by Atlantica
 TUI SENSIMAR Kalliston Resort und Spa 
 TUI SENSIMAR Minos Palace 
 TUI SENSIMAR Palazzo del Mare 


TUI boasts that everyone wants one, but only the best get one: The TUI Holly is the highest accolade that can be accorded a TUI Hotel. It stands for everything that makes a TUI holiday perfect: Great attention to detail, superb service and outstanding cuisine. The TUI Holly is the premium prize for the 100 most popular TUI hotels worldwide – and only those who make customers perfectly happy can hope to join the winners.

Guests are the jury. With their response to the question ”How do you rate your hotel/accommodation overall?“ in the TUI guest survey they have been deciding since 1994 which hotels can adorn themselves with the TUI Holly.



  • At least 30 assessments from the TUI guest survey within twelve months
  • Performing and passing the TUI Safety Check
  • Signing TUI Deutschland’s Pool Safety Declaration


The TUI Holly is the symbol for first-class management, entrepreneurial creativity, good leadership and high safety standards. The winners have every reason to celebrate and celebrate themselves: For example, at the winners’get-together, an event TUI regularly organise with great attention to detail. That is where the best hoteliers in their region or around the world meet to celebrate seeing good friends again or to establish new contacts, to share their experiences and to toast their success.

 Anthemus Sea und Beach Hotel Spa 
 Hotel Palladium 
 Neptune Hotels Resort, Convention Centre Spa 
 TUI SENSIMAR Imperial by Atlantica
 TUI SENSIMAR Palazzo del Mare 
 Grecotel Amirandes 
 Grecotel Caramel Boutique Resort 
 TUI SENSIMAR Kalliston Resort und Spa 


The TUI FAMILY Champion 2018 is a brand new quality award reserved for the very best TUI family hotels – selected by families, for families. Eligible Resorts must achieve an excellence rating on the TUI guest survey of at least 8.7 out of 10 possible points in the “child friendliness” category.

It has long been known that families have special requirements for their holiday hotel. In order to make their choice of accommodation easier, TUI has created this award especially for high-quality family destinations. The logo itself has been specifically designed to provide customers and travel agents with an eye-catching assurance of a family-friendly atmosphere when choosing their next holiday. 

 Agapi Beach Resort 
 Anemos Luxury Grand Resort 
 Astir Odysseus 
 best FAMILY Alex Beach 
 best FAMILY AQUILA Rithymna Beach 
 best FAMILY Grecotel Marine Palace
 Grecotel Olympia Oasis & Aqua Park 
best FAMILY Nana Beach
 Candia Park Village 
 Grecotel LUX.ME Daphnila Bay Dassia 
 Hotel Apollonia Beach Resort Spa
 Hotel Cretan Malia Park 
 Hotel Horizon Beach Resort 
 Hotel La Marquise 
 Hotel Mastichari Bay 
 Hotel Mythos Palace 
 Hotel Pilot Beach Resort 
 Kalithea Horizon Royal 
 Lindos Princess Beach 
 Mitsis Norida Beach 
 Mitsis Rinela Beach Resort und Spa 
 Neptune Hotels Resort, Convention Centre Spa
 Princess Andriana Resort Spa 
 TUI FAMILY LIFE Aegean Blue by Atlantica
  TUI FAMILY LIFE Blue Lagoon Village Deluxe
 TUI FAMILY LIFE Marmari Beach by Atlantica
 TUI MAGIC LIFE Marmari Palace

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