Opening on Thursday for Wyndham's two new "hotel gems" in Loutraki

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Opening on Thursday for Wyndham's two new  "hotel gems" in LoutrakiTwo renovated, essentially re-created resorts, whose natural continuity offers a spectacle that only from the sea one can observe

The following Thursday in Loutraki, Zeus International and Wyndham Hotel Group, are cutting the ribbon of the two new “gems” of their hotel collection, the Wyndham Loutraki Poseidon Resort and the Ramada Loutraki Poseidon Resort in Loutraki.

Only sixty minutes from Athens, two kilometers outside the city of Loutraki, there is an almost inverse turn that descends to the sea, just as it is viewed in atmospheric films. This route leads to the two renovated, essentially re-created resorts, whose natural continuity offers a spectacle that only from the sea one can observe its magnitude and natural beauty.

Mr. Haris Siganos, CEO and founder of Zeus International as well as Wyndham's strategic partner in Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans, stated that Wyndham Loutraki Poseidon Resort and Ramada Loutraki Poseidon Resort, are two hotel complexes for every season. Due to their architecture and location, they simply can not be recreated anywhere in Greece.

The first sense the visitor gets when entering the two resorts, is that of familiarity and friendliness. If one could picture absolute harmony of the unparalleled natural environment with modern luxury and high services,one gets the accurate image of the two Loutraki hotels.

Each of the 107 suites of Wyndham Loutraki Poseidon Resort, some with private pools or jacuzzis as well as the 196 suites and bungalows of the Ramada Loutraki Poseidon Resort, have amazing advantages over their location and their view.

Different side-locations and activities

The beach that lays in front of the two resorts, creates an endless, impressive walk, since in every step of the way , the visitor discovers different side-locations and activities.

Strolling from Wyndham to Ramada, among countless pines and Greek plants, the importance of detail and remarkable care are met at every step: impressive restaurants on the sea side, smart beach bars and pool bars offering either relaxation or fun or both, scuba diving and marine sports with the special addition of the high-tech marine bike, protected areas for activities for children - each point has been developed in such a way and at such a distance from one another so that it offers exactly what a demanding traveler would imagine for holidays or business events. Continuing the walk, always accompanied by an incredible view of the Mediterranean nature, there is a 900-seat amphitheater, a true copy of the Epidaurus Theater, built in 1992, hosting professional or entertaining events while providing unparalleled views of the Corinthian Gulf.

There may be other smaller amphitheaters within hotel complexes in Greece, but certainly there is no other gate like the one that adorns its entrance, since, as Mr. Argyros of Elintour SA - the owner of hotels – narrates,the huge marble gate was rescued at the last minute and moved to the complex from a demolished classical building of Sekeri Street.

Combining the open-air amphitheater with the well-equipped congress facilities of the complex with a total capacity of 650 delegates, reasonably the adjacent hotels are also extremely competitive in the field of business travel.As their experienced Director, Leonidas Tsagaris, says, the hotels are already gathering interest in organizing conferences and other events.

Among the small tours, cocktails, games, swimming in the pools or the sea, sports and diving, and after major conference venues for business travelers, it is time for the top gastronomic satisfaction.

In the hotel restaurants, "Poseidon Grill", "Neptune" and the winter "Nafsika" , the experienced chef of Greek cuisine, Mr. Dais, has ensured that the menus present a wide variety of authentic traditional flavors, always carefully selected materials, "rightly" deceiving the dinner's taste, who truly believes that the dinner is taking place at a Greek village home - a fact that is particularly welcomed by both Greek and foreign food lovers.

Massage and treatment options

The journey of the senses ends in the impressively organized spa of the complex. Massage and treatment options really trickle out, covering the whole range of sophisticated aromatherapy, relaxation and rejuvenation techniques.

The plans of the leading hotel brain, include the creation of integrated activities for families with infants and toddlers, which is a challenging venture and is considered rare or nonexistent in at least Greece's hotel field.

If between the days full of bliss one decides to leave for a while its "base" and tour the surrounding area - which is very difficult because the complex "keeps" the visitor with its own wonderful way - at a minimum distance there are interesting places, such as Lake of Vouliagmeni and Ancient Iraio.

The small blue lake communicates with the sea which is just a few meters away, through a narrow channel. The area retains its character and implies its natural beauty and tranquility. The white chapel of Agios Nikolaos adds a tender touch to the dreamlike landscape.

Swimming in the always sheltered waters of the lake and having a good meal at one of the lakeside taverns make the excursion quite attractive. Then, after a two-kilometer ride through the pine forest, the Melagavi Cape is revealed, hosting the important archaeological site of Heraion.

Heraion consists of two sections, dedicated to goddess Hera of the Extreme and Hera of the Lake-Limena- respectively. The worship of the goddess began in the Geometric period, while in 800 BC the first temple was built in honor of the goddess. Later, other temples, altars, shelter for the protection of the sacred fire, various galleries and the market were added. It is believed that the ritual of the cult of Hera was taking place in the port, while in the rest of the area consisted of buildings for worshipers.

In the same area, co-exists the chapel of Agios Ioannis, while a small, exotic beach lays beneath. At the tip of the cape, one can find the nearest beacon of Athens, built in 1897 and until 1981 included a beacon keeper. The beacon now operates with an automated system, but it offers an ideal sunset spectacle. It is striking that, in just ten minutes from the hotels, the visitor has the opportunity to experience a variety of activities and beauties in every season of the year.

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