New public art exhibit flutters into Greektown of Chicago on June 2

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New public art exhibit flutters into Greektown of Chicago on June 2The Dance of Psyche

 Greektown Chicago unveils its captivating outdoor art exhibit, ‘The Dance of Psyche,’ featuring 26 dynamic three-dimensional sculptures that showcase the ingenuity of 13 established and up-and-coming artists, two local high schools, and 11 community-based Greek language schools. The exhibition, located at Elysian Field, 401 S Halsted Street, will commence with an official ribbon-cutting ceremony on Friday, June 2. Subsequently, the sculptures will grace Halsted Street from Monroe to Van Buren Streets, weaving through the neighborhood. Visitors can immerse themselves in this vibrant showcase until spring 2024.

Drawing inspiration from Greek culture, mythology, and geography, this project pays homage to Psyche, the goddess of the soul, often depicted as a stunning woman adorned with butterfly wings. The butterfly itself was named “psyche” by Aristotle, deriving from the Greek word for soul. Furthermore, the renowned Butterfly Valley (Petaloudes) in the Greek island of Rhodes, a verdant nature reserve, adds to the rich symbolism.

“The butterfly symbolizes beauty and grace across the globe,” expressed Eve Moran, Greektown Special Service Area (SSA) #16 Commissioner and Arts Committee Chair. “This delicate creature holds profound spiritual significance in various cultures. We believe that this captivating butterfly art display will enchant both children and adults as they stroll through Greektown, indulging in delightful dining, drinks, and other treats.”

The Dance of Psyche is proudly sponsored by Greektown SSA #16, the local business improvement district, in collaboration with the Chicago Greektown Educational Foundation. This partnership has brought together eleven esteemed Greek schools in the Chicago area to participate in the Psyche exhibit. The participating schools include Guardian Angel Orthodox Day School, Holy Apostles Greek School, Holy Cross Sophocles Greek School, Koraes Elementary School, Plato Academy, St. Demetrios Pythagoras Children’s Academy, St. Demetrios Solon Greek School, St. George Greek School, St. John the Baptist Pythagoras Greek School, St. Nectarios Day School, and St. Spyridon Plutarchos Academy.

In an exciting development this year, the Greektown SSA #16 Arts Committee has extended an invitation to students from two local high schools to contribute to this project. Art students from Argo Community High School in Summit, IL, will be showcasing their talent through a magnificent mosaic piece. It is worth noting that sculptor Sonja Henderson recently unveiled a monument honoring Mamie Till-Mobley, inspired by her remarkable story. Mamie Till-Mobley, who graduated from Argo, serves as the inspiration for the monument, which fittingly incorporates butterfly designs. Additionally, the senior class of Holy Trinity High School has made a remarkable contribution to the Dance of the Psyche. Their entire class came together to create a breathtaking sculpture that will be displayed as part of the exhibit.


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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons License: CC-BY-SA Copyright: Tony Webster

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