Last chance to visit the 7th Athens Biennale

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Last chance to visit the 7th Athens BiennaleAB7: Eclipse closing events

Moving between light and darkness, for the past few months, we have been wandering inside three "ghost" buildings of the historic centre of Athens, exploring familiar and uncanny facets of yesterday and today, simultaneously envisioning the various possible versions of the future.

Between Stadiou and Panepistimiou Streets at the former Fokas Department Store, the former Santaroza Courthouse, and the Schliemann-Mella Hall, the 7th Athens Biennale enters its last week. The final ritual will take place on Sunday 28 November.

The ECLIPSE invites you to see, listen and feel through stories and processes that have historically been pushed to the periphery, by taking part in an experience where Black, Queer, speculative and radical voices converse with rituals, worldmaking and interdependence.

The countdown for the last phase of the eclipse has begun and at its peak, a series of live events will take place.


Total Eclipse of the Art: Part 1 | 21:00
The local art scene of the African diaspora converses with the Athenian Ballroom community in two parallel stages, curated by BIOS.

Former Santaroza Courthouse Yard
Adedeji, born and raised in the vibrant city of Lagos, West Africa, and his band The Afrosessioners are inviting us in a celebration of Black music, an infusion of Traditional African music with a progressive attitude and modern sound of jazz, funk and soul music that is rhythmically and technically sophisticated, harmonically rich, and melodically compelling. Alongside Afrosessioners, JDM: a dance group made of 3 girls, will shake us to the beat of the African Dance in a work of empowerment. Mc Dash, aka Michael Afolayan, the founder of ANASA African Cultural Center, will be our official MC. Tosin Omo - Ebony, a Greek-born Nigerian artist, will take us through an Afrobeat, Funk, and New Nigerian Hip-Hop session as well as Tunji Nice and Demelza who will share their masterful vocals with us. On top, local DJ Dennis Green will mix his f ave Hip Hop and 2000 R&B tunes from inside our retro camping van.

Schliemann-Mela Hall Yard
Here you will enjoy Nonika, a DJ, a Producer, and an active member of the local Ballroom Community whose House-oriented sets are filled with Tech elements and Afro Grooves. Glastra Kareola who's a Vogue Dancer and a Member of the Athenian Ballroom Community of Kareoles will be accompanying Nonika as well as the illustrious local talents ΑΣΤΥΤΕΚΚ, Lower Parts initiator, and KAWRS, the groovy duo compiled by Neda and Simos Ares.

Ta Nea Xysta: The final act | 11:00 - 15:00 | Former Santaroza Courthouse
Following the performative creation of the iconic mural Ta Nea Xysta by Navine G. Khan-Dossos during the opening days of AB7: ECLIPSE, the final act of this performance, a "deconstruction" of the artwork, will take place at the former Santaroza Courthouse Yard, creating a limited in situ number of artworks-pieces of the original work that will be offered to the audience. This action functions not as an act of destruction, but as an act of decentralization. As ECLIPSE completes its final phase, Ta Nea Xysta reflects on the lifecycle of an artwork and the impact it can have on society.
The event is realized jointly with BEOWULF.

Total Eclipse of the Art: Part 2 | 18:00 | Schliemann-Mela Hall
In collaboration with BIOS, ORILA DJs take over the space of Akalyptos at Schliemann-Mela Hall on the last day of ECLIPSE. Yannis Iasonidis, the head honcho of the Athenian DIY label Orila Records, along with the multi-genre music storyteller Chris OD, and the one-of-a-kind Devika and K.atou close this two months in the most beautiful way.


Dive into the worlds of the exhibition under the guidance of the ECLIPSE team on the last weekend of the 7th Athens Biennale.

The reservation is necessary and the participation is free of charge, along with your entrance ticket. The meeting point is the main exhibition venue, the former Department Store Fokas.

Scheduled Tours:

Saturday 27 November
16:00 - 18:00 (Greek)
18:00 - 20:00 (Greek)

Sunday 28 November
13:00 - 15:00 (Greek)
16:00 - 18:00 (Greek)
18:00 - 20:00 (English)

Reserve your seat through Eventora here.


Essays challenging beliefs, stories, and poems invoking feelings, recipes, and songs awakening memories: this is the ECLIPSE Diaries - the first part of the AB7 catalog - a world between light and darkness open for you to discover. On the next pages, the curatorial team delves deep into the practice of the participating artists and their featured works in AB7.

Editors: Christopher Marinos, Omsk Social Club, Larry Ossei-Mensah, Poka-Yio
Coordinating Editor: Christopher Marinos
Texts, including Essays, Poems, Recipes: Jackie Abhulimen, Georges Bataille, Walter Benjamin, Franco Berardi, CAConrad, Leonora Carrington, Eddie Chambers, Francesca Gavin, Happy New Tears, Deborah Joyce Holman, Banu Khapil, Francesca Lisette, Mum Social Club, Negros Tou Moria, Thomas Oberender, Omsk Social Club, Larry Ossei-Mensah, Poka-Yio, Primitive Art, Nat Raha, Erica Scourti, Kostis Stafylakis, Valinia Svoronou, Ayesha Tan Jones, the Mycological Twist, Eugenia Vereli, Julian Weber, Simone Weil
sonicECLIPSE: Ayshel/Waiting Room, Devika, Entropia Records, GRΞTA/Waiting Room, Ioannis & Foukodian Rhythms, Yorgia Karidi, K.atou, MMMD, Joseph Mouzakitis/ATH Kids, Olenxaa (Carina Obukhova), Grace Ow, Sugahspank!, Teranga Beat, Noff Weezy
Design: Sakis Stritsidis
Translations: Antonis Mozer, Dimitris Saltabasis
Editing: Dimitris Saltabasis
Printing: Pletsas – Kardari G.P.

Find the exhibition catalog until November 28 at the main exhibition venue, the former Department Store Fokas.


Exhibition Venues
Former Department Store Fokas, 41 Stadiou Str.
Former Santaroza Courthouse, 48 Stadiou Str.
Schliemann-Mela Hall, 46 Panepistimiou Str.

Opening Hours
Wednesday - Friday: 1 pm - 9 pm
Saturday - Sunday: 11 am - 9 pm

Covid-19 Protection Measures
To enter the AB7: ECLIPSE, the demonstration of either of the following is required:
Visitors above 12 years old
• Vaccination certificate (valid 14 days after final dose)
• Recovery certificate (valid for 6 months after diagnosis)
Visitors between 4-11 years old
• Negative self-test (24hour) or rapid-test (48-hour) ή PCR-test (72-hour)

  1. 16/01 13:40

    Stores open in Greece on Sunday, January 16

  2. 16/01 11:48

    Athens-based Pasteur Institute to create Greece's first vaccines production facility

  3. 16/01 09:45

    Last chance for Greece’s over-60’s: Get COVID-19 shot or 100-euro fines

  4. 16/01 07:58

    Greece records 17,447 new Covid-19 infections and 78 fatalities on Saturday

  5. 15/01 14:51

    Health Minister: Greece receives 5,700 treatments of molnupiravir for Covid-19

  6. 15/01 12:39

    Associated Press: Fitch upgrades Greece’s credit outlook to Positive

  7. 14/01 20:46

    Energy costs overwhelm Greek households

  8. 14/01 17:35

    Greek Tourism Minister: Sector to be spearhead of development

  9. 14/01 14:44

    Greek Foreign Minister meets with counterparts of Austria, Estonia and Lithuania

  10. 14/01 13:46

    Wildlife tourism: Wolf population near Greek capital of Athens growing (video)

  11. 14/01 13:37

    WHO says that half of Europe will be infected with Covid-19 within the next two months

  12. 14/01 13:33

    New study confirms Greek olive oil is diet leader in cancer prevention

  13. 14/01 13:18

    Greek passport among the most powerful in the globe during 2022

  14. 14/01 13:12

    Average age of new Covid-19 cases rises in Greece from 29 to 39 years

  15. 14/01 13:08

    Greek government will support households and businesses with targeted actions

  16. 14/01 13:01

    Athens Stock Exchange reached pre-pandemic levels for the first time since 2020

  17. 14/01 12:56

    Greek island of Myconos: New rap footage by Heidi Klum and Snoop Dogg (video)

  18. 14/01 10:52

    6,364 self-tests found positive among students and teachers in Greece

  19. 13/01 23:19

    Capital Link Company Presentations Series in New York on January 13-27

  20. 13/01 21:14

    Monoclonal antibody doses already allocated to qualifying patients in Greece

  21. 13/01 20:23

    Ferries to Crete island leaving on Thursday night as weather improves

  22. 13/01 20:08

    Asymptomatic people with Covid may resume daily activities after 5-day isolation

  23. 13/01 20:00

    Diaspora Greeks now able to e-register family changes through consulates

  24. 13/01 19:13

    Greece records 20,409 new Covid-19 infections and 80 fatalities on Thursday

  25. 13/01 18:55

    Greek PM on TV interview: Second increase in minimum wage on May 1

  26. 13/01 18:03

    UN report underscores significance of tourism for economic recovery in 2022

  27. 13/01 15:31

    Ski resort on Mount Pelion in Thessaly of Greece opens on Friday

  28. 13/01 13:52

    Focus Bari research: Why 17% of Greeks still refuse to get vaccinated against Covid

  29. 13/01 11:27

    IATA: Air passenger traffic improved during November

  30. 12/01 18:36

    Good Housekeeping: The ultimate Greece holiday destinations to visit this summer

  31. 12/01 16:26

    London Times support return of Elgin Marbles to Greece after 50 years

  32. 12/01 16:23

    City of Athens provides heated shelters for homeless citizens during bad weather

  33. 12/01 15:20

    Greek PM: Our goal is the creation of 86,000 job positions during 2022

  34. 12/01 14:59

    Greece extends COVID-19 measures and will fine unvaccinated over-60’s

  35. 12/01 13:42

    How workers issue a positive rapid test certificate for leave of absence in Greece

  36. 12/01 13:36

    Greek government spokesperson: Too early to speak about relaxing measures

  37. 12/01 13:06

    Greek government to announce interventions regarding VAT on basic products

  38. 12/01 12:03

    High demand for experiences and spending rise on travel in 2022: TripAdvisor - Ipsos

  39. 12/01 10:33

    'Diomedes' weather front brings snowfall and strong winds in Greece

  40. 11/01 21:21

    32,694 new Covid-19 cases and 80 fatalities recorded in Greece during last 24 hours

  41. 11/01 20:12

    Tourism revenue reaches pre-COVID levels in Cyprus in October 2021

  42. 11/01 19:28

    IATA: Supply chain disruptions halve November 2021 air cargo growth

  43. 11/01 16:42

    Fourth dose of vaccine approved for the immunocompromised in Greece

  44. 11/01 16:17

    Greek FM meets with Angola's Secretary of State for External Relations

  45. 11/01 15:44

    Severe weather causes settlement evacuation in Thessaly Region of Greece (videos)

  46. 11/01 14:25

    Greek Health Minister: The pandemic will peak during the coming weeks

  47. 11/01 13:51

    Mountain hotels' occupancy rates drop in Greece

  48. 11/01 12:59

    Greece's Development Minister hints at lower VAT on certain products

  49. 11/01 10:54

    Media report: Greek schools reopening seen bringing record COVID-19 cases

  50. 10/01 18:13

    French-Greek filmmaker's new work 'Gener8ion' postponed due to Covid-19

  51. 10/01 17:03

    'Greece and France in the 19th century' event to be organized in Sorbonne university

  52. 10/01 16:57

    27,766 new Covid-19 cases and 85 fatalities in Greece during the last 24 hours

  53. 10/01 16:37

    Greek Foreign Ministry donates one million Covid-19 vaccines to Nigeria (video)

  54. 10/01 15:46

    Fagan fragment placement ceremony held at the Athens Acropolis Museum

  55. 10/01 15:34

    Greek PM: Open schools can serve as a harbinger of an open society

  56. 10/01 13:33

    Greek Education Ministry: 15,547 self-tests positive by Sunday evening

  57. 10/01 12:07

    5.3 earthquake hits near Florina in northwestern Greece late on Sunday (videos)

  58. 10/01 10:42

    Winter sales commence in Greece on Monday

  59. 09/01 19:31

    Greece and United States conduct joint military exercise off island of Crete (video)

  60. 09/01 18:10

    Greece records 18,592 new Covid-19 cases and 66 fatalities in last 24 hours

  61. 09/01 13:36

    French-Greek filmmaker's new work 'Gener8ion' at Athens Onassis Foundation January 15

  62. 09/01 12:24

    Greek Tourism Minister: Positive messages over sector prospects

  63. 09/01 11:17

    40,000 more Covid-19 vaccines for children aged 5 to 12 years old available in Greece

  64. 08/01 14:01

    AP: Culture Ministry orders investigation over movie with sex scene at Acropolis

  65. 08/01 13:56

    'Fagan fragment' to be presented at the Athens Acropolis Museum on Monday

  66. 08/01 11:11

    29,334 new Covid-19 cases and 78 fatalities recorded in Greece during last 24 hours

  67. 07/01 21:15

    Bill overhauling Greek insurance agency EFKA is posted for 15-day public consultation

  68. 07/01 20:26

    Greek government grants $452 million in Energy Financial Relief (video)

  69. 07/01 20:07

    Greek exports soar 47.2% in November

  70. 07/01 18:30

    Weather in Greece expected to worsen during next week

  71. 07/01 18:22

    Dimitria Festival logo wins silver for Thessaloniki at International Design Awards

  72. 07/01 16:33

    Feast of the Epiphany marked by Greek Orthodox community in Tarpon Springs

  73. 07/01 14:41

    Greek administration includes 55 new projects worth 3.35 billion euros in Recovery Fund

  74. 06/01 13:14

    Travel: Skiing in Crete featured in New York Times article

  75. 06/01 12:51

    German report: Only Greece and Portugal in European South can reduce debt in next 20 years

  76. 06/01 12:42

    Greek government sets 5,000-euro fine for overcharging for PCR or rapid testing

  77. 05/01 23:26

    AP report: Now 9 out of 10 new COVID-19 cases attributed to Omicron variant

  78. 05/01 21:39

    270,000 extra vaccination slots made available for next 10 days in Greece

  79. 05/01 21:31

    Attiki Odos in Greece addresses global shortage of e-pass devices for tolls

  80. 05/01 21:22

    Minister: Vaccination certificate to last seven months for all age groups in Greece

  81. 05/01 20:08

    Greece records 43,386 new Covid-19 infections and 62 fatalities on Wednesday

  82. 05/01 19:48

    'Antonino Salinas' museum in Palermo returns to Greece Parthenon Marbles fragment

  83. 05/01 19:10

    Health Ministry: 9 in 10 Covid infections due to Omicron variant in Greece

  84. 05/01 18:54

    The official public holidays in Greece for 2022 have been announced

  85. 05/01 18:17

    AP report: COVID-19 case counts may be losing importance amid Omicron

  86. 05/01 16:00

    Five free self-tests for students and vaccinated teachers offered in Greece

  87. 05/01 14:07

    Leadership 100 Conference to celebrate 100th Anniversary of the Archdiocese

  88. 05/01 13:42

    New round of market support measures to be announced by the Greek government

  89. 05/01 13:00

    Israeli Foreign Minister: ‘Values-based strategic alliance’ between Athens and Tel Aviv

  90. 05/01 12:46

    18-million-year old petrified trees discovered on Greek island of Lesvos

  91. 05/01 12:37

    Nineteen Mediterranean monk seals located in Cyprus during last 4-5 days

  92. 05/01 12:33

    Greek Tourism Minister: Recovery Fund marks new cycle of sector development

  93. 04/01 20:29

    Evangelismos Hospital in central Athens restricts visits for next two weeks

  94. 04/01 14:09

    Greek Foreign Minister to meet with Saudi counterpart in Athens on Tuesday

  95. 04/01 13:58

    Greek rakomelo: The ideal winter drink

  96. 04/01 13:38

    Prime Minister to visit Greek islands of Agios Efstratios and Lesvos on January 6

  97. 04/01 13:34

    2021 Office of Greek Education announces Christmas video and essay contest winners

  98. 04/01 13:05

    Scientists decode DNA of famous Greek Feta cheese (video)

  99. 04/01 12:55

    Economic sentiment in Cyprus improves by 2.1 points in December 2021

  100. 04/01 11:47

    Media report: Greek schools will reopen with more COVID-19 testing