AP: Fire subsides in Penteli but reaches people’s yards in Megara of Greece (video)

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AP: Fire subsides in Penteli but reaches people’s yards in Megara of Greece (video)Greece has avoided the heat wave that is currently afflicting countries in Western Europe, but hot and dry conditions that have lasted for weeks, as well as longer-term temperature rises, have increased the overall risk of forest fires

Associated Press reports from Megara in Greece that a wildfire that broke out in the west Attica area of Megara earlier on Wednesday is fully fledged and is now directly threatening homes which are scattered in the area, said the Fire Brigade late afternoon Wednesday.

The fire is burning pine trees through and beyond the agricultural area of Veniza moving westwardly, where high winds are propelling the flames which have reached people’s yards and patios, it was reported.

On the other hand, the Penteli fire appears to be subsiding, with no active fronts and all forces now working to extinguish minor small blazes and to prevent any danger of a rekindling of the flames, according to the latest update on Wednesday afternoon from the civil protection service’s coordination centre.

Government sources reported that minor blazes are still burning in Dioni, Dasamari, and even smaller fires in Anthousa, Panorama Pallinis, and Drafi.

Very strong forces on the ground and 19 firefighting aircraft are operating to get the fire fully under control. They are assisted in their efforts by volunteers and the police, who are continuing to patrol the evacuated regions and direct traffic, as well as the military and forestry service personnel.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons License: CC-BY-SA Copyright: Grb16