Significant prizes for “Paths of Culture” at the European Heritage Awards in Paris

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Significant prizes for “Paths of Culture” at the European Heritage Awards in ParisThe ceremony of Europa Nostra Awards, took place during a celebratory event of the European Cultural Heritage, under the auspices of the French President, Emmanuel Macron, on Tuesday 29 October at the Châtelet Theater

The official award ceremony of the European Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Awards, took place during a celebratory event of the European Cultural Heritage, under the auspices of the French President, Emmanuel Macron, on Tuesday 29 October at the Châtelet Theater, in Paris, reports.

The ‘Culture Paths’ program of the Society for the Environment and Cultural Heritage (ELLET) has won this year’s only European Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Prize 2019 in the category of awareness, bringing to light the inextricable bond between the natural environment and the richness of monuments, between material and intangible cultural heritage.

In her speech, the program’s creator, Ms. Lydia Carras, stressed the role the “Paths of Culture” can play in invigorating European identity.

“The program was created in times of crisis, the worst economic crisis in any European country since World War II. It succeeded in offering work to young people and brought thousands of hikers to Greece. Hiking distances us from the consumerist mood of car travel as it requires physical effort and a careful look at the landscape. It re-sensitizes us to the deep interaction between nature and cultural heritage”, Ms. Carras noted.

She also expressed her warmest thanks to all those who supported the program and steadily and generously assisting the “Paths of Culture” to evolve and grow, namely,  the A. G. Leventis Foundation, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation and F. Potamianos and his family.

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