George N. Angelis

Tour Operators: The end of brochures is getting closer
OPINIONS | 19.07.2016

Recent media reports revealed that Thomson and First Choice have pledged to get rid of brochures by 2020. According to these reports, "Retail staff across [...]

European Union guidelines on the collaborative economy
OPINIONS | 12.06.2016

Comme ci comme ça, to put it in French. After a long process of data evaluation, research and consultation, European Commission decided, so to speak, [...]

When will we come up with the Greek "sushi"?
OPINIONS | 13.05.2016

Discussions with Greek expatriates, especially in their home town, are always interesting because they give you an image of Greece, or what should be [...]

A veil of "upheaval and terror" hangs over Europe
OPINIONS | 17.11.2015

For many analysts, it was expected, it was only a matter of time. And for others, it is only the beginning of situations that [...]

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George N. Angelis
George N. Angelis

He studied Journalism and Public Relations and specialized in International Affairs and Press Office Organisation in England.

He began his journalism career in 1984 in "Mesimvrini" newspaper. From 1995 to 2010, he worked as tourist reporter in newspaper "Express", editor of "Tourism & Economy" consultant in "Greek Travels" tourism guide and Press Officer for "Tourist Panorama" exhibition.

He has collaborated with numerous newspapers, magazines and other publications, print and electronic, Greek and foreign.

Since 2006, he acts as Communications Director for the Hellenic Hotel Federation. He was one of the founding members of the Athens Municipality's "Athens Convention Bureau" in 2008 and its director until 2013, when he became Press & Media Manager of the Athens Tourism Promotion and Development Company.

He manages the "Tourism Lobby" blog and is fluent in English and Italian. In tornosnews, he writes in his capacity as a tourism journalist solely...