Panos Thomakos

Scot on holiday in Greece captures huge whirlpool off Corfu coast
GREEK NEWS | 27.05.2017

Kieran Dickson a Scot on holiday in the village of Kassiopi, Corfu happened to capture an incredible moment a huge whirlpool was whipped up [...]

Pope Francis thanks Greek Prime Minister for aiding poor
GREEK NEWS | 25.03.2017

Pope Francis thanked Greek PM Alexis Tsipras for his stance in favour of the poor and socially weak people, as wells his handling of [...]

FBI head confirms investigating ties between Russia and Trump campaign
GREEK NEWS | 20.03.2017

FBI Director James Comey said Monday he had no information to support claims by President Donald Trump that he was wiretapped by his predecessor, [...]

330 refugees arrive on Aegean islands within the last 48 hours
GREEK NEWS | 19.03.2017

Migrants and refugees' flow to the northern Aegean island posted a significant increase in the last two days. 100 persons arrived on Lesvos and [...]

New law paves way for refugee hotspots in Greek cities
SOCIETY | 01.03.2017

The Greek Ministry for Environment, Energy and Climate Change plans to expand the creation of refugee hotspots in urban areas, apart from rural regions, [...]

Euro Working Group to decide on short-term debt relief measures for Greece
ECONOMY | 19.12.2016

The Euro Working Group is expected to convene – possibly on Tuesday 20 December – in order to decide whether the reinstate the short-term [...]

Upheaval at Moria camp after false rumors of Greek borders opening
SOCIETY | 17.12.2016

Refugees and migrants waiting to be registered by authorities inside the camp in Moria, Lesvos, celebrated what they believed to be news that Greece’s [...]

Athens Suburban Railway to reach up to Lavrio Port by 2019
GREEK NEWS | 29.11.2016

The Athens Suburban Railway connects Attica, the surrounding regions and the main cities to the capital’s centre, the Airport and Piraeus port, offering thousands [...]

ITTAA conference: Israeli tourist arrivals forecast for 2017 very encouraging
MARKETS | 25.11.2016

The Federation of Hellenic Tourist and Travel Agencies (Fedhatta), on the occasion of the annual conference of ITTAA (The Israel Association of Travel Agencies [...]

US elections: Trump’s son could go to jail for tweeting from the voting booth
GREEK NEWS | 09.11.2016

Eric Trump, son of the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, could end up in jail for publishing a photograph of his filled-in ballot from [...]

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Panos Thomakos
Panos Thomakos

Editor of Tornos News international platform

He was educated at Athens College, Phillips Exeter Academy, New College of the University of South Florida and Athens University. He worked for 33 years as a reporter, editor, columnist and editor-in-chief at various Greek and English language national political, financial and tourism daily and periodical newspapers, magazines and portals including Athens News, Mesimvrini, Status, Isotimia, Ependytis, Ethnos, Eleftheros Typos, Diners World Travel and

He has also appeared as news anchorman and commentator for Mega Channel and Satellite Business Channel TV stations for 10 consecutive years and served as Press Office Director for the Ministry of Interior and the National Organization for Small and Middle Sized Enterprises (EOMMEX).

He has been a member of the Daily Athens Newspaper Journalists Union (ESIEA) since 1990.