Panos Thomakos

American travel agents enchanted by Athens (video)
TRAVEL AGENTS | 16.04.2018

The long history, the warm hospitality, the fascinating gastronomy and the safety of Greece are highlighted as the key factors for the overall attractiveness [...]

ASTA Destination EXPO 2018 in Athens boosts sales of Greece by US travel agents
MARKETS | 16.04.2018

More than 77% of US tour operators participating in the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) Destination EXPO 2018 currently underway in Athens, and [...]

Greece celebrated during opening ceremony of ASTA Destination EXPO 2018 in Athens
TRAVEL AGENTS | 15.04.2018

ASTA Destination EXPO 2018 is expected to have a substantial contribution to the attraction of tourists and investment from the United States to Greece [...]

Athens Walking Tours guide American travel agents in the city
CITY BREAKS | 14.04.2018

American tour operators and members of the American Society of Travel Agents who are currently in Athens for the ASTA Destination EXPO 2018 conference [...]

Interview: Tips for an exciting career as a butler in luxury hotels and villas
GREEK NEWS | 03.03.2018

Gary Williams is a unique case.  With a great career as a butler in luxury hotels, private households around the world, foreign missions in [...]

The top investment returns in luxury hotels and villas in Greece's South Aegean islands
GREEK NEWS | 01.03.2018

There are 144 5-star hotels in South Aegean marking a 65.5 percent increase compared to 2011, This is mainly a result of upgrades to existing [...]

The untapped potential of MICE tourism in Greece
OPINIONS | 13.02.2018

MICE Tourism is the perfect example of how the great potential of the Greek hospitality sector can be fully realized as long as a [...]

Greek Tourism needs a policy of strategic depth
OPINIONS | 22.01.2018

It is perfectly natural to rejoice in the new records attained by Greek tourism, yet we must resist the temptation of vanity, apparent in [...]

Zane Kerby: US travel agents invest in Greece as a leading tourist destination
PEOPLE | 17.01.2018

"My mother taught about Greece in American schools all her life, and when she finally got to visit the Acropolis her eyes filled with [...]

South Korea to donate $800,000 to Greece for refugee support
POLITICS | 09.11.2017

The South Korean Embassy in Athens announced on Wednesday that the Republic of Korea will donate 800,000 US dollars to Greece to support the [...]

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Panos Thomakos
Panos Thomakos

Editor of Tornos News international platform

He was educated at Athens College, Phillips Exeter Academy, New College of the University of South Florida and Athens University. He worked for 33 years as a reporter, editor, columnist and editor-in-chief at various Greek and English language national political, financial and tourism daily and periodical newspapers, magazines and portals including Athens News, Mesimvrini, Status, Isotimia, Ependytis, Ethnos, Eleftheros Typos, Diners World Travel and

He has also appeared as news anchorman and commentator for Mega Channel and Satellite Business Channel TV stations for 10 consecutive years and served as Press Office Director for the Ministry of Interior and the National Organization for Small and Middle Sized Enterprises (EOMMEX).

He has been a member of the Daily Athens Newspaper Journalists Union (ESIEA) since 1990.