Panos Thomakos

Lyssandros Tsilides : Global enthusiasm for Greek plan to extend season
PEOPLE | 23.11.2015

President of Travel & Tourist Agencies Hellenic Associations Federation (FEDΗΑΤΤΑ) Lyssandros Tsilides announces the Federation's absolute committment to promote all-year-round tourism in Greece through the [...]

George Tsakiris : Hotels President proposes New Deal: Season extension is up to us!
PEOPLE | 20.11.2015

In his first exclusive interview to the International Edition of Tornos News, Hellenic Chamber of Hotels President George Tsakiris does not hesitate to open [...]

Welcome to the International Edition of Tornos Νews!
OPINIONS | 18.11.2015

Following the astounding success of Tornos News’ Greek edition in emerging as the country’s leading Travel Market News platform within 18 months, the demand [...]

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Panos Thomakos
Panos Thomakos

Editor of Tornos News international platform

He was educated at Athens College, Phillips Exeter Academy, New College of the University of South Florida and Athens University. He worked for 33 years as a reporter, editor, columnist and editor-in-chief at various Greek and English language national political, financial and tourism daily and periodical newspapers, magazines and portals including Athens News, Mesimvrini, Status, Isotimia, Ependytis, Ethnos, Eleftheros Typos, Diners World Travel and

He has also appeared as news anchorman and commentator for Mega Channel and Satellite Business Channel TV stations for 10 consecutive years and served as Press Office Director for the Ministry of Interior and the National Organization for Small and Middle Sized Enterprises (EOMMEX).

He has been a member of the Daily Athens Newspaper Journalists Union (ESIEA) since 1990.