Panos Thomakos

British Museum head on solving 200-year-old dispute with Elgin Marbles
CULTURE | 12.03.2023

"We trustees are exploring with the Greeks whether there’s a way to solve this 200-year-old dispute so that the sculptures can be seen both [...]

UNWTO: Transforming tourism sector by measuring its sustainability
GREEK NEWS | 19.12.2022

One hundred experts from around the world gathered at UNWTO Headquarters to develop the next standard for Measuring the Sustainability of Tourism (MST). The global [...]

Domestic passenger traffic in Athens Airport surpassed 2019 levels by 1.5% in September
AIRLINES | 04.10.2022

Data released on Tuesday show that September was another good month for the "Eleftherios Venizelos" Athens International airport, in which passenger traffic approached the [...]

Your best Greek vacation ever
OPINIONS | 02.03.2021

One of the latest “best-kept secrets” in Greece is that the few (million) lucky and brave souls who managed to visit the country last [...]

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Panos Thomakos
Panos Thomakos

Editor of Tornos News international platform

He was educated at Athens College, Phillips Exeter Academy, New College of the University of South Florida and Athens University. He worked for 33 years as a reporter, editor, columnist and editor-in-chief at various Greek and English language national political, financial and tourism daily and periodical newspapers, magazines and portals including Athens News, Mesimvrini, Status, Isotimia, Ependytis, Ethnos, Eleftheros Typos, Diners World Travel and

He has also appeared as news anchorman and commentator for Mega Channel and Satellite Business Channel TV stations for 10 consecutive years and served as Press Office Director for the Ministry of Interior and the National Organization for Small and Middle Sized Enterprises (EOMMEX).

He has been a member of the Daily Athens Newspaper Journalists Union (ESIEA) since 1990.