More snowfall, rain and storms from the west in Greece on Wednesday

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More snowfall, rain and storms from the west in Greece on WednesdayMost of Greece will remain in the grip of snow and very low temperatures until late on Tuesday night

Most of Greece will remain in the grip of snow and very low temperatures until late on Tuesday night, when the frost is expected to give way to rain and a weather front coming up from the west on Wednesday.

Snowfall is expected to peak on Monday night, with National Meteorological Centre Director Antonis Lalos forecasting "snowfall that is quite significant and extensive in the greater part of the country, with the exception of the northern Ionian, Epirus and western Greece" until Tuesday night.

"The remaining regions will face serious issues. In fact, because the snow fall will take place during the night it will be intense in places, such as in the northern Aegean and also in Evia and Sporades. Snow is also expected in Attica, the Peloponnese, Cyclades and Crete by tomorrow afternoon," he added.

Lalos said Attica could expect snow during Monday night, which could be quite heavy in the north and even settle at low altitudes. He said this would last until Tuesday afternoon and then gradually subside, to be followed by rain and possibly storms on Wednesday.

From Tuesday night to Wednesday, snow will continue to fall on the western, central and northern parts of Greece except Athens, with the phenomena most intense in the northern Peloponnese and the north. At the same time, rain and storms will start at sea and coastal areas on the Ionian Sea, in the Peloponnese and in the Aegean and Crete, moving from the west and south. Lalos warned of a flood risk, especially in areas where it had recently snowed, such as southern Crete.

"The frost will continue, creating problems in northern Greece, for example, where the temperature does not have time to rise above zero. The temperature is expected to rise from Wednesday and Thursday in southern and southeastern regions and in Attica. In the rest of the country, however, it will remain quite low though not as low as in previous days," Lalos said.

The phenomena are expected to continue until Thursday and will then be confined to the north and eastern Aegean before subsiding.

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